About Wren

Sharing a name with the wren bird, one of the smallest birds with the loudest voices, Wren strives to let her voice be heard. Having grown up in southern Oxnard, California, Wren understands how challenging it is to overcome unique obstacles and biases. Her interest in the humanities stems from how marginalized groups reconceptualize Western movements and practices to create their own spaces. Wren hones her craft knowing that voice is integral to any story.

As a Pasefika student, Wren aspires to become an educator, integrating Pacific Islander culture through literature in more classrooms. Her Sāmoan heritage drives her desire for a more globalized approach in education. It is also what encourages her to be an active member of her community, blending core cultural values with personal ones. Wren is also working to be published someday and writes when inspiration strikes. She would love to work with Ubisoft under the Assassin’s Creed franchise and work on a game centered on the Pacific Islands.

Wren appears on a banner at Oxnard College as part of an initiative to encourage other students to transfer.

Wren transferred from Oxnard College in 2019 and was the student keynote speaker at her graduation. She currently studies English at the University of California, Santa Barbara and is expected to graduate in 2021. On campus, Wren is affiliated with the Mellon Engaging Humanities Fellowship and the McNair Scholars Program. Upon completing her Bachelor’s, she plans to continue her education and attend graduate school in pursuit of a PhD in American Culture or Pacific Studies.

Inspired by media moguls Taika Waititi and Mindy Kaling, you can find Wren reading or watching any of their works when she is not focused on academics.

She can be reached via:

E-mail: wrenpalmer@ucsb.edu
Instagram: @wrengen