Response to Djamila, 2018


New tag alert! This piece is an ekphrastic poem, and it was written in response to Asad Faulwell’s painting Djamila, 2018 (the featured image and details on the work can be found here) for a free write exercise in the Catalyst Literary Magazine class.

I’m sure you know the saying

Well-behaved women seldom make history.

At what cost? Or, at whose expense?

The price begins with

women being treated as a deviation from men,

and rings all the way up to

r e t a l i a t i o n.

From the mouths of women,

there is iron in our words

Djamila, 2018 by Asad Faulwell

and from the hands of women,

all the fight in the world


we are forced to

to decolonize

& to re-indigenize

And so I ask,

Would you like to see how the sun rises and sets from a woman’s eyes?

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